Meet Our Top 3 Hairstylists From The Next in Beauty Talent Search

Meet Our Top 3 Hairstylists From The Next in Beauty Talent Search

Last month, we set out on a search to find Canada’s Best Hairstylist. The Next In Beauty talent search, presented by FASHION and powered by TRESemmé, introduced us to mega-talented hairstylists from across the country.


Our judging panel, made up of beauty industry pros, were blown away by the entries, which included everything from sleek, shiny blowouts, to sky-high hair that took talent to totally new heights, to unique structural updos. While you’ll have to wait a little longer to know which one is our winner — they’ll be crowned Canada’s Best Hairstylist in a multi-page feature in the Summer 2024 issue of FASHION — we’re thrilled to introduce you to our top 3 in the meantime.


Continue reading to get to know the Next In Beauty top three.

Chay Williams

Chay Williams (who goes by @slaybychaay on Instagram — a handle that accurately represents her talent, as you can see in the above shot), is a 28-year-old hairstylist based in Halifax. “I specialize in wigs, braids, extensions and bridal hair,” says Williams. “I’ve been styling for over eight years now and I love it! When I started out, I mainly focused on braids and wigs. It wasn’t until about two years into doing hair that I was introduced to bridal styling. Bridal hair is [now] my favourite because I love being a part of someone’s special day.”

Angie Hunt

“I like to think of myself as a well-rounded hairstylist but not a cookie-cutter,” says Winnipeg’s Angie Hunt. “I thrive on pushing boundaries and relish creative freedoms when working on a vision.” Aside from being impressed by her exceptional talent, we were touched by Hunt’s submission video, in which she describes her inspiration behind getting into hairstyling. Today, Hunt says she explores “bold unexpected ideas that can translate into elevated, everyday street looks.” Indeed!

Christina-Belle Nicolaides

Finally, meet Christina-Belle Nicolaides, hailing from Toronto but now based in Sudbury. “I was just born a hairstylist,” says Nicolaides. “I remember being super young and chopping my bangs right off because I couldn’t figure out how to get a centre part.” (Been there!) “I eventually made my way to cosmetology school […] and my eyes were opened to how much is really out there. I started out 13 years ago, as a teenager in a salon, and I’m now six years deep into being a licensed hairstylist and enjoying every moment of it!”

On behalf of FASHION and TRESemmé, we want to extend a huge thank you to all of the talented hairstylists who entered our Next In Beauty talent search. And of course, stay tuned to learn who will be revealed as our winner in the Summer 2024 issue of FASHION.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Structural, circular updo: @rahim_factor; red curls: @inlovingmemoryofshit; vertical updo: @carlojimenezphotography

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